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Mountain First, Faulhorn, Bussalp and back to Grindelwald

Thursday, October 13th, 2005

Eurotrip2005/Grindelwald/PICT2373.JPGEurotrip2005/Grindelwald/PICT2386.JPGI took a Gondola (this is some sort of a cablecar) to a mountain. The ride took 20 minutes and it took me 1200m higher. From there I hiked on a mountain to a lake which is on the mountain surrounded by snow. Then I climbed to a next peak (which is more 400m to go up).
Then I continued along the mountain to another village and down to Grindelwald. The total distance was about 17km, and total change in height (up hill and down hill) was 1600m. It took me about 8hours. I came to Grindelwald and met a nice Canadian couple and spent few hours chatting with them. I then got to bed, needless to say, very tired.


Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

Eurotrip2005/Grindelwald/PICT2341.JPGI left the hostel before 08:00 AM to get my car off the free night parking. Surprisingly, I had a parking ticket attached to my front window. Around there were some road constructors and heavy machinery. It turned out, that there was a sign (In german ofcourse) that said that night parking in these few spots in disallowed due to construction in this specific date. The bill was 40 CHF. I went right to the post office to pay it. Things always in life get balanced: I got a SMS from my mother that my traffic report from Israel was cancelled. (Do you remember that U-turn story, a week before my trip?)
I went to Grindelwald and find a hostel to stay. It was the only place in the area that was not fully booked. I put my things there, and took a bus ride to a hill after the village. From there, there was a 1 hour hiking back to Grindelwald. I stopped on a bench on the way, and continued reading my book. It was fun, the rings of the bells of the cows in the background… I would send some pictures soon.
At the evening, I was bored and looked for things to do. I got a discount from the hostel to the Sauna in the village, so I went there. I was alone in the Sauna for half an hour. Then, out of a sudden, two german Blondes came in – naked as they were the day I was born. The sauna got a new aspect then. But as I promised Avital, they are like Channukah candles – just to see but not to touch. I wished the two blondes Gmar Hatima Tova, and went to the hostel again and slept like a baby…

Bern again

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Interlaken was a bit like a ghost city. I decided I want to be in a real city. Bern was the closest one and there were still things that we missed there, so I came back there. On my way I stopped in a nice old town Thun and spent the morning there. Later, when I got to Bern, I remembered that parking the car in a garage for the night costed us 28 CHF (which is about 110 shekels), so I noticed that on the streets the parking is free for 19:00 to 08:00, so I payed for parking only until 19:00. Happy and pieceful I went to the hostel to read my book and get some sleep.

From Geneve to Interlaken

Monday, October 10th, 2005

Eurotrip2005/Switzerland/PICT2337.JPGIn 5am we woke up and took Efrat to the airport. I got back to the hotel and slept for a few hours. After I got up, I started my way to Interlaken. The way was through a mountain pass called Juelpass, which was very beautiful (see picture). After the long drive, I arrived to a dormitory in Interlaken in which I’ll spend the night. Just one more week to spend until Avital comes…

Gryon and Geneve

Sunday, October 9th, 2005

We left Laussane on the morning to Gryon which situated on a mountain. We drove uphill passing small villages along the way. We eventuallz found a tourist information office, which was closed, so we decided to park the car and just wonder around. We walked along the road, but after few minutes we felt so tired and took an afternoon nap on the green grass. Actually, only Efrat was sleeping. I was reading the top-quality magazine “Blazer”, which the guys from the army gave me as a present.

Neuchatel, Montreux and Lake Geneva

Saturday, October 8th, 2005

Eurotrip2005/Switzerland/PICT2336.JPGWe have been to these places today. Neuchatel is famous for its fortress on top of a hill. Forget all about the fortress – its market place was amazing. Some pictures will be added soon.
The tayelet along Lake Geneva is fantastic. I want to visit it again already. Maybe I will.
We are sleeping tonight in Lausanne, which is also on Geneva lake. It is dorms again – also excellent places with people all around the world. It is situated on top of a hill. We are going out now to see the city. See you later.

Zurich and Bern

Friday, October 7th, 2005

Today was a very calm day. Wondering in the streets of Zurich and Bern, watching the expensive shops. For the first time in this trip, I sleep in a room with 6-8 people. It is like dorms, but very neat and clean, and you meet other backpackers inside.

Princely Moments in Liechtenstein

Friday, October 7th, 2005

We entered Liechtenstein for the second time today. We have been in a small town Vaduz, which pretends that it is a real city. The weather was great! Sunny, and about 20 degrees. For the first time, I walked with a short T-shirt in a beautiful route along the Rhien river.
Later, we entered Switzerland, and bought a vinette. It is a stick that you put on you must put on your car window in order to drive on the highways. Just when I finished to put in on the front window I discovered that I already have exactly this kind of stick on the other side of the window. Now dad, you’ll be really proud for this part. I was able to tear off the stamp and returned to the shop and got my 40 Franks back! That’s about 150 shekels. hoo!
We drove to St. Gallen, a nice (and expensive) town in northern Switzerland. We slept in a weird hotel close to that town.

Ludwig, Austria and Liechtenstein

Thursday, October 6th, 2005

Eurotrip2005/Germany/DSCF1539.JPGWe have seen the amazing Ludwig 2 castle and continued our way into Austria. We enjoyed a beautiful route in Tirol. We looked somewhere for somewhere to sleep in Austria, but then Austria ended and Liechtenstein started. The prices went high, so we decided to make a u-turn and return to Austria and look better. We found this youth hostel, with an internet access finally, in which I am sitting now and writing this lines. Got to go!

Oberstdorf and Nebelhorn

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

Eurotrip2005/Germany/DSCF1481.JPGWe went today to see the German Alps. We visited a nice town called Oberstdorf. We took a cablecar to a snowy mountain and walked around. The views were amazing. At 1800 meters high, you are above all the clouds – and it was sunny. The weather is great. We found somewhere to sleep in a zimmer in a small village near Fussel.