The french side of Switzerland

Today we hiked from Muren to Gimmelwald and than took a cable-car back to our “field” car and began our way to the french part of Switzerland. We started at the lovely old town of Fribourg with its 10,000 steps and then went to Veve. We strolled around the lake-side promonade (very romantic) and then went to the first noisy, dark and unwelcoming youth hostel in Switzerland. In the evening Avital made some shopping and was introduced with a nervous and unfriendly french-swiss cashier. In the morning we met a lawyer from USA that was working in Geneva at or with connection to the WTO organization (a job which Avital envied…). We invited her to join us with eating the “recipe” and than found out that someone had already eaten our food (well, not all of it…)

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