Luzern & the swiss country side

Today Avital and I went to the beautiful Luzern. The gothic houses, the lake ant the pebblestoned pedesrian road made Luzern picturesque, not to mention the wide range of stores . . . Nevertheless, for an unknown reason we decided to eat at Mc’Donalds. Unbelievable!! In the fast food world, we saw the “dark side” of switzerland, when we bamped into two black-wearing quired swisses. Don’t you worry, even they were polite and helpfull… They are swiss, aren’t they??
Later that day we were at switzerland’s country side – Eschlzmatt – where every hotel/hostel directed us to the same Lowen Hotel. No wonder a room in that hotel was so expensive (even by swiss standards). So we kept on driving and found a beutifull zimmer, inside the home of the Therese Family. The house was clean and modern and the breakfast was pampering with home-made jam and a freshly baked bread. Not to mention the great price…

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