Princely Moments in Liechtenstein

We entered Liechtenstein for the second time today. We have been in a small town Vaduz, which pretends that it is a real city. The weather was great! Sunny, and about 20 degrees. For the first time, I walked with a short T-shirt in a beautiful route along the Rhien river.
Later, we entered Switzerland, and bought a vinette. It is a stick that you put on you must put on your car window in order to drive on the highways. Just when I finished to put in on the front window I discovered that I already have exactly this kind of stick on the other side of the window. Now dad, you’ll be really proud for this part. I was able to tear off the stamp and returned to the shop and got my 40 Franks back! That’s about 150 shekels. hoo!
We drove to St. Gallen, a nice (and expensive) town in northern Switzerland. We slept in a weird hotel close to that town.

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  1. mom says:

    we are proud son, why did”nt you buy 2 stamps? you would have earn more money,
    keep calling
    love ema v aba

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